Nov 11

How I Got Rid of My Anxiety – My Story

Hey, Sarah here,

And you are reading my blog on how I got rid of my anxiety permanently

Having suffered from panic attacks for many years, I was truly fed up, as you probably are right now.

I reached a point of searching the library and choosing book after book to try and learn how to get to the bottom of this soul destroying, life restricting problem.

It is hard to face the fact you suffer from panic attacks when everything on the outside appears so wonderful. I could not hear or look at the words “panic attack” with out feeling anxiety, nor could I reach out for help easily and often either.

Those who listened and gave their support only did so from the “sidelines” and found it hard to really guide me to where I needed to be…

…it’s understandable too. After all, trying to explain and get help for panic attacks and anxiety is not like when you were a small kid asking your parents for ways to sooth your sore throat, know what I mean?

The price I had to pay for living with anxiety (and how you can avoid it after reading this!)

The constant set backs, lack of common knowledge and useless information found in books ended up costing me a lot of time and money, not to mention frustration.

All the while, I was battling with dreadful symptoms that crushed my social life, my high paying career and nearly my entire relationship, such as:

    • Heart beating hard and fast
    • Throat throbbing
    • Tingling in left arm
    • Feeling like I was having a heart attack
    • Dizzy and light-headed
    • Constricting pains in the chest and throat

And then there was the blushing, sweating and trembling too, which left me not only fearing that my heart was about to explode, but also utterly embarrassed and afraid that it could (and would) happen at any time…

…in fact, as I became more conscious of the panic attacks and anxiety, I also became more and more worried about having an attack at work and during social events.

And guess what? That’s when the panic attacks and anxiety started happening during work and social events too.

All I could think was…

Why the heck do our minds torture us like this? It’s so cruel and hard to control isn’t it?

What held me back from curing panic attacks? Here’s the Truth…

Although panic attacks and anxiety problems are becoming more understood medically, this doesn’t always mean that the increased amount of treatments will provide better options for you.

What I found out after a long period of trial and error is that the various “common solutions” to treating panic and anxiety are not as medically (or financially) as effective as once presumed.

In order to help save you many years of wasting time, money and false hope, I’d like to list some of these obvious treatments, their downsides and set backs and ultimately what I now know to be a far better solution that actually does work…

how to get rid of anxiety attacks

Psychiatrists take a really long time to get to the real root of the problem (and there’s still no guarantee that you’ll get an answer or a solution). They basically focus on regressing your past, digging up painful memories and trying to mend all the broken pieces in your emotional past.

Let me tell you from shared experience, this is a long, expensive and largely ineffective way to solve any mental health problem.

I’m not knocking the profession, as I highly respect these people. However, if you’re looking to solve your panic attacks and anxiety, digging up possible reasons for it from the past is not going to suddenly remove the problem.

It’s like holding an open flame near to a burns victim and telling them that the fire is hot “but can’t hurt you this time”…

…it’s still not going to make you believe that you can’t get burnt again.
how to get rid of anxiety chest pain

If you’re anything like me, you desperately want to be cured, not just treat a “biological problem” with drugs.

The problem with drugs is that they mask the fear, and worse still – they have lots of side effects too, such as weight gain, loss of libido, drowsiness to name but a few.

If you’ve been suffering long enough, you’ll probably have heard of (and maybe tried ) Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Prozac, Lexapro, Cymbalta, and Effexor, and also herbal remedies like St. John’s Wort, Aconite, and Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, Kalms tablets.

I’m not saying they are useless. In fact, the Bach Rescue Remedy does a great job of delivering a gentle feeling of calm and relaxation…

…but when a real panic attack sneaks up on you, no amount of that stuff will make the slightest bit of difference.

As for the other treatments, I’ve written up what I feel to be the reality of these so called “treatments and solutions” to anxiety and panic attacks, based on personal and shared experiences of my own, and also combined with a lot of additional research…

how to get rid of anxiety nausea

This is quite a popular guide that is quite expensive. However, in my opinion the price should not be an issue IF the results work!

Sadly, in my experience this product did nothing for my anxiety and panic attacks.

Having to pay over $200 to be told by a guy on screen to eat healthy foods and get a good sleep, I struggled to actually find the “secret formula” that he so often referred to.

I’m sure other people have found this to be useful, but between you and me, I would save your money…

how to get rid of anxiety sickness

This CD set received great reviews, which led me to purchase it.

Sadly after doing so, I found out that much of the content was basic information that could be found freely at any library or even online with a few searches.

Much of the information is similar to so many anxiety and panic disorder books you’ll find on Amazon and in local bookstores…telling you that “you’re not alone” and “these are your symptoms”.

I already know that stuff, I want the solution!

how to get rid of anxiety and depression

Seredyn seems to remove the nervousness, just leaving you feeling fairly calm and a little agitated (the anxiety).

However, like most other drugs, there’s a major common problem:

Seredyn calms you, but the underlying anxiety and panic are still there.

Many folks report waking up in the middle of the night stressed (on Seredyn) yet making you so sleepy that you don’t even feel like going to work. Thus, some folks end up feeling stressed and calm at the same time.

Although there’s mixed reports on Seredyn, many have been very disappointed in Serydyn after trying it for several weeks, with no reduction in anxiety, insomnia or stress.

Therefore, I would not recommend this product for these reasons (and the fact that you’ll not be treating the real problem!).

how to get rid of anxiety and stress

I did actually take rescue remedy and found it helps if you aren’t too anxious, but it didn’t do anything when I was really stressful and in full anxious/panic states…but maybe I didn’t take it for long enough.

Rescue Remedy is available from health food shops or some pharmacies, it’s often mentioned as helpful but the problem is we all get a strong placebo effect from any remedy we hope will help us.

how to get rid of anxiety and worry

Beta Blockers (also known as Propranolol) are prescription based tablets that are very effective at reducing the heart rate and subsequent physical symptoms of high blood pressure.

This can help with sweating, blushing and nervousness, but even still, will not resolve the underlying problem of panic attacks or anxiety.

Again, this is a very powerful, but temporary solution to an underlying problem.

Plus, Beta Blockers have many known side effects which can disrupt your heart rate, your energy levels and your overall moods.

They may seem to be a decent “cover up” for the sweating and trembling, but you’ll be paying around $20 per pack and you’ll never reach a point of not having to buy them…

…thus becoming a pharmacy addict, to the delight of those big drug companies I would imagine.


Using medication as a long term way of dealing with anxiety is problematic. It is far better for the patient to seek therapy and deal with panic attacks psychologically.

Although some drugs can be well tolerated when taken in small doses and for short time, there are some side effects that can appear.

In most people anxiety medication side effects include nausea, nervousness, sleepiness, headaches, upset stomach and disturbed digestive system, lightheadness, and weight gain. Practically there is no way to avoid those symptoms except for avoiding the pills at the first place.

Sometimes cutting off pills could also be problematic, and provoke some side effects, mostly related to withdrawal symptoms.

The most common is of course anxiety and stress, nervousness and even shaking or trembling and people should be aware that this is the normal reaction of the body as it is trying to detoxicate itself.

Anxiety medication should not be taken without the advice of a doctor, and only if other therapies fail to succeed.

If none of this stuff works, is there any hope at all?

I am here to tell you that Yes there is light at the end of the tunnel. Yes there is a hope for you. And I am the living proof of that. After suffering for many many years, and leaving no stone unturned in my search for solution, I have finally found something that has permanently gotten rid of my anxiety problems.

It is a book called Panic Away written by Joe Barry, a former chronic sufferer of anxiety and panic. Click here to visit Joe Barry’s official website PanicAway.com

Self-help books are usually very hard to read, I can’t seem to get through them.

However, Panic Away is a very easy read. I find myself not wanting to put it down.

It has practical examples and easy to interpret instructions that are helping me get control of my thoughts. I would recommend it to anyone with anxiety or panic problems.

Panic Away a very concise guide that is available online.

The Panic Away program is easy to use because the e-book is well-written and easy to understand.

Basically, its advanced psychology made simple and the technique really only takes seconds to do.

But that’s key – you have to DO it.

Just reading the book and listening to the audio won’t cut it. You won’t get anywhere unless you work at doing the technique. But the technique is simple, thankfully. You just need to stick with it.

In summary, here are the main reasons why I strongly suggest you try out Panic Away asap:

    • It has been developed over 10 years by a previous panic victim (Joe Barry). No more so called experts pretending to understand your problem and feed you useless theory
    • Panic Away uses a unique method called the 21-7 Technique™  technique which breaks the cycle of the panic attack and literally stops the process of feeling anxious or panicked from occurring in its’ tracks…
    • It eliminates the FEAR of having another panic attack, no matter how long or hard you’ve suffered in the past…
    • And it does this without having to regress into your past with therapy sessions or boring homework sessions (which do nothing for your panic and anxiety anyway!)

Plus, it costs less than the medication the doctor prescribed

I’m free From those constant worries…

It’s helped me to the point where I’m now living like a “normal” person again. I’m no longer afraid to do stuff like drive, or go to the movies, and I’m free of those constant anxious thoughts.

Not only have the panic attacks ended, but my general anxiety has pretty much subsided, too…I’m so much calmer now.

Plus, I love the guide for these reasons…

    • Natural product, meaning no side effects and risks of dependency
    • Instantly available online, meaning you can get relief without having to sit through consultations, or beg for prescriptions from doctors
    • Simple technique, meaning you can get the same results without any guesswork or learning curve

Click here to see what other people are saying about Panic Away

However, Panic Away is not perfect because:

There’s a couple of things that I didn’t like about Panic Away, so please don’t think I’m some kind of one sided fan…because nothing is perfect and neither is Panic Away.

First of all, it would have been nice to get a version of it in the post. Most of it you can either watch online with interactive videos or print of the guide.

It would be cool to get CDs and the written guide in the post, as I don’t like to use my PC for too long.

The second thing is that I can only guess that for some folks, there is an additional requirement to rebuild diminished levels of low self confidence after years of panic attacks and anxiety.

Panic Away doesn’t address this underlying aspect of recovery, however. That’s not to say you won’t get relief by practicing the methods it teaches, because you will. In fact, some people recover just fine using nothing but Panic Away.

Either way, as the impact of Panic Away is so evidently profound and life changing, low self confidence is more that likely to be blown out of the water after a few weeks of using Panic Away…

Will this change your life? here’s what Panic away Has already done for me and thousands of others…

The information and techniques presented in this book changed my life in a profound way. Not only have I become a FAR less anxious individual in general, but I have the tools to combat every type of anxiety imaginable.

My self esteem is at heights I could have never imagined. Whether you panic left and right, have mild anxiety, or are simply a human being, I GUARANTEE this book is worth your time.

    • This is the real stuff: researched based and tested over and over again.
    • Boost your confidence and self esteem immediately
    • Save money on endless drugs and counseling, books that are hard to read and downright useless too
    • Improve all areas of your life, from relationships to career, travel to social life
    • Stop wasting your life and finally enjoy the precious time you have on earth!
    • Planning holidays or travel without fear of anxiety.
    • Never fearing to leave your home or to be alone.
    • Having the belief to trust your body is not in any danger whatsoever.
    • Making appointments or socializing with people and never dreading you might have to leave unexpectedly half way through.
    • Going about your business daily without any lingering anxiety or anxious thoughts in your mind.
    • Giving a speech or presentation without any concern of having a panic attack.
    • Watching your close relationships improving as the barrier of fear is removed.
    • Feeling confident to fly, drive or travel by any means you choose without concern.
    • Stopping nocturnal panic and anxiety that can keep you up at night.
    • Doing the one thing you love that panic attacks may be stopping you from doing, be it hill-walking to scuba diving.
    • Feeling really free again. -not caught in feelings or thoughts of disconnected reality.
    • Being free from unsettling thoughts that can encircle your mind.
    • Learn the secret lesson anxiety teaches us and how to turn this anxiety experience to your advantage by building a new foundation of self confidence greater than you have ever felt
    • Get clarity of mind and strong, peaceful thoughts and feelings – NO more panic attacks or even mild anxiety
    • Learn how to stop checking yourself every five minutes to see if anxiety is present.
    • Wake in the morning confident and not troubled by thoughts of what the day may hold for you
    • Regain the opportunity to do the things in life you have been afraid to do because of anxiety.
    • Watch how friends and family comment on how relaxed and peaceful you have become
    • You will enjoy a new enthusiasm for life as exciting life opportunities that were closed due to anxiety open up again for you
    • Instead of living in daily anticipation of anxiety’s next attack, learn to live in a new fearless manner
    • Become a source of encouragement for others who experience anxiety and show them the simply steps they can take to end their anxiety
    • As someone who struggled with panic attacks for over 25 years, I have read a lot of books about anxiety. I now plan to get rid of all of the others!

Click here to visit the official PanicAway.com website

Want to know the “REAL” tragedy?

Because Thoreau was correct when he said, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation,” I think it would be a REAL tragedy to limit this resource only to those with panic attacks.

In fact, I cannot think of a single individual who would not be significantly helped by the information contained in the Panic Away written guide and brand new videos.

Even though the system might sound a bit simplistic, its power lies in consistency of application. I know, this is sometimes easier said than done for someone who suffers panic and anxiety attacks, and who cannot always see things clearly…

…but it does become easier if you find it within yourself to stick with it for a few weeks at most.

It’s very simple:

If you are a person whose life has been robbed of feeling good for decades, then here’s a real tool for change, and this fact alone, deserves all the stars in the skies.

What should you do now?

Don’t just take my word for it! Click here to visit Joe Barry’s official website PanicAway.com and see what other people are saying about it.

One thing I should mention before you do:

Check out the amount of testimonials on their website from REAL people (you can hear the phone calls they made to Joe’s website detailing their experience and success).

I particularly liked Alison’s story – a 62 year old with emotional relief like I’ve never heard before. Check it out, I’m sure feel that lump in your throat like I did…

Hear Alison’s story and many more here

P.S – Remember, there are nearly 3,000 people that have used this Panic Away guide to cure their anxiety. These are people just like you, and you’re no less deserving of a cure than they were.

Don’t you think it’s only fair that you have the same chance as everyone else to live a normal life?

What would you feel like if you didn’t get the same chance to rid your anxiety attacks like these thousands of other people? Wouldn’t that make you feel robbed of your future?

Now’s your chance to share the success we’ve all seen, I can tell you flat out, hands down it’s worth every penny!

Click here to visit the official PanicAway.com website